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Aarya Technology & Management Pvt Ltd (ATM) is based in Kathmandu working in the field of Technology, Management, Tourism & Hospitality industry. The team has intense experience in managing various businesses in different sectors along with technology. This team has excellent IT professionals, entrepreneurs, and corporate heads who are working every day to solve business problems through technology.

Technology should be designed in such a way that even a layman can use them without undergoing any rigorous training and it should solve the problems of businesses. Therefore, this team works day and night to bring unique systems to businesses. Whatever system so far designed by the ATM is very easy to use, and solves complex problems in hotels, Travel, Spa, Transport, HR, Leads, Sales, Accounts, Management, Restaurants, and many more. So far ATM has built over 200 different types of modules and built end-to-end systems for some businesses.

ATM doesn’t believe that only Technology can solve the problem of business instead it should be integrated with Management and Human touch. Therefore, all of the products of ATM are uniquely designed that give business management ideas as well while working with this system. All of our products are cloud-based, easy to maintain, less costly for the users, and easy to modify as per the industry’s demand. Furthermore, we have implemented a fair pricing policy for our software. For example, in the hotel management system, you will be paying as per the number of rooms in your hotel not as a lump sum. Since HMS is suitable for small hotels with any number of rooms to any five-star hotels that may have hundreds of rooms, our price matches small hotels to large hotels with many rooms.

Our Softwares

Office Management System

A Cloud Based Office Management System (OMS) is a complete software that helps to any kind of businesses. It helps to manage your HR, Payroll, Account, Websites, Schedule meetings, Database Management, Project Management, Event Management, Membership management and many more. It has integrated SMS and Email marketing tools as well which will help your business to track your customers, to promote your products and services and keep in touch with all your customers. Furthermore, this system can be used in Nepali Calendar BS as well as in English Calendar AD. You can manage your offices through your any device from anywhere.

Travel Management System

TMS is an unique system designed for Tour and Trekking operators. It is the end-to-end system that manages everything within the travel business. The major components of this system are Lead Management, Itinerary Design, Cost calculation, Booking Management, Daily Movement, Supplier management including their rates, Reports, Account, Inventory, HR & Payroll Management, Database Management, Integrated Marketing Tools and many more. TMS comes handy to any size of travel businesses whether it is run by single person or hundreds of people. Since it is cloud based technology, you can manage your customers and every activity from anywhere in any device.

Hotel Management System

Aarya HMS is a complete hotel management system unlike any other conventional PMS. This system covers every aspect of hotels. Since most of the PMS are built in old technologies and they are offline and doesn’t cover most aspects of hotels like HR, Marketing, Channel Manager, Database Management and require training to use system. But our system covers all those aspects including Front desk, Billing, POS, MICE, Inventory & many more. We have built this system in such a way that a professional doesn’t require training to use this system. It is super easy, easy to navigate and perform any tasks in less than 3 clicks. With our cloud-based HMS system you can manage your hotels, resorts and any size of properties online.

Software Demo

Office Management System

  • Project Management
  • Recruitment
  • Bulk Email and SMS
  • Events Management
  • Memberships
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Travel Management System

  • Daily Movement
  • Lead Management
  • Itinerary
  • Supply Management
  • Office Management
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Hotel Management System

  • Front Desk Management
  • Housekeeping
  • Lead Management
  • Inventory
  • POS
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